Are schools killing student’s passions?

match-lighting-Can I assume that if you are taking this class you want to teach children? Can I go even further and say that you are going to college because you are committed to helping children have a successful future?

If so, then listening to Logan’s talk and reading Mr. Hunt’s article must have been scary. At least it was for me.

I dream of making a difference in my student’s lives. I dream about challenging them to do their best so that they can be their best selves. Of course, since I am going to become a teacher, I thought that the best way of doing that was helping my students get to college.

But is that really the best for them…

Logan LaPlante seems to be doing really well without the traditional college oriented education. He is learning a lot at a young age and he is passionate about it. He has the same passion that I seek for my future students to have. But how do I expect that of my student in a couple of years when I do not see it in the schools now. Why do I not see it in the schools where I observe. Is it the students? the teachers? the procedures? methods?

I think the way we have set up school has a lot to do with it. I believe that schools are set up with the presumption that students have little or no knowledge and it has to be poured in their brains. Therefore, we resort to lectures and memorizing. We teach them how they need to think. This kills passions. We are trying to fill “empty” buckets that are not empty.  I think it would be better if we acknowledge that students are capable of making, researching, and finding. I like how Mr. Bud Hunt presents it.

He proposes that learners must have the tools of making, hacking, and playing. I think that these tools can ensure better learning. Additionally, I think that they help the students put into action what they already know so that they may grow in knowledge. When students make things, they are being told that they can investigate and put together thing on their own. When they hack they prove the extend of their understanding of the material. While possibly teaching them critical thinking skills. When they play, they learn better and possibly sparks ideas. This is how students will have passion. By allowing them of being capable, creative, and enjoyable. I believe that is a big step to having passionate students in our classrooms.


“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” —William Butler Yeats

Here is Logan LaPlante’s TED Talk and Bud Hunt’s Blog Post

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Sara Flores


8 thoughts on “Are schools killing student’s passions?

  1. Logan LaPlante’s TED talk was one that sort of opened my eyes to the way we view school and education. He challenges the presumed idea that going to school and getting a job will lead us to happiness. I like this post and I agree that allowing students to “play” will help students be imaginative and creative, which will lead to that passion.

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    1. He does not only challenge the “presumed idea that going to school and getting a job will lead us to happiness”, it challenges the idea of happiness being possible only through “school and job”. Great insight, thank you for the comment!


  2. I agree! I wasn’t super scared watching Logan LaPlante’s video but more inspired that student’s can be as successful as Logan is if we allow them to be. I was a bit sad to learn that schools do tend to just fill the bucket and not inspire student’s passion. I love the quote at the end of your blog though, I definitely believe that students deserve to have their fire lit not have their bucket filled.

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  3. I love this post! You really nail it with your description of how we view students as vessels into whom we are supposed to pour content. School so often takes a one size fits all approach to learning, when we know that isn’t how learning works! I really like Bud Hunt’s three metaphors for what we might do instead in the classroom. I know that my own son would love school a lot more if it were all about play, making, and hacking!

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